Five Years in the Making | Hamilton Lakeside Engagement Session

Despite our inability to photograph their wedding day in Ontario, Laura and Jason’s love story led them to us at this Hamilton lakeside engagement session. We are forever grateful.

Capturing Love: Laura and Jason’s Unforgettable Session

Beginning as friends back in high school in 2008, their romance bloomed ten years later with a memorable first date at Laura’s favorite restaurant, the Keg. Their love has since taken them on incredible adventures, from Portugal to Dubai, and Vancouver to England. On Valentine’s Day, Jason orchestrated a grand proposal in a room filled with heart-shaped balloons, roses, and cherished photos, setting the stage for their beautiful journey together. As they build their first home in Georgetown, we had the privilege of capturing their love in a memorable session.

Laura and Jason’s Love Story Unfolds

Laura and Jason’s love story is one that reminds us of the power of God’s perfect timing. Their wedding day fell on a date when we couldn’t be in Ontario to photograph it. However, Laura’s admiration for our photography, developed through the Quinn’s sessions over the years, remained unwavering. She patiently waited for the day Jason would pop the question. When it finally happened, she reached out to us, determined to have us capture their love story.

A Day of Unexpected Magic

Despite the wedding being beyond our reach, their desire to have us photograph their love was a dream we had to make a reality. With Dianne more than six months pregnant, traipsing through the sand capturing their love story, quite literally squealing all the while, we set out to make this session unforgettable. We began at Gage Park in Hamilton, a location we had previously visited during Sara and Mitch’s engagement session. This time, the park’s stunning fountain was in full swing, adding an extra layer of magic to our day.

The weather initially seemed uncertain, but our determination prevailed. The result: a day filled with warmth and a touch of wind perfect for this Hamilton Lakeside engagement session. The fountain and the enchanting rose garden provided the perfect backdrop to capture their happiness. From there, we journeyed to the beach near The Lakeview. There they celebrated with a champagne toast while watching mesmerizing stunt kite flying.

Capturing Love and Memories on the Lake

Their outfits were impeccable, perfectly suited for this warm yet breezy Hamilton lakeside engagement session. Jason, while a bit reserved, exuded a palpable love for Laura. Laura’s infectious and bubbly personality, evident even through her emails, made the entire session a joy. While we couldn’t be present to photograph their wedding day, we’re confident that they’ve found the perfect photographer to capture the beginning of their new chapter. To Laura and Jason, we extend our warmest wishes for a future filled with love and blessings. And who knows, perhaps our paths will cross again in the years to come, creating more magical moments together.

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