Five Photos that We Capture at Every Family Session

Family portrait sessions are a beautiful way to freeze time and capture the essence of your family. At every session, we aim to provide a collection of photographs that not only showcase your family’s unique personality but also create lasting memories. Here are the five must-have photos we believe that every good family photographer in New Brunswick must capture at every family session:

1. The Classic Family Portrait

A nicely composed photo of the entire family looking at the camera.

This is the heart of any family session. We use what we have learned about composition and posing to ensure this photo is a keeper. Everyone’s smiles are genuine, the backdrop is perfectly chosen, and the lighting is just right. This classic portrait is the one you’ll want to frame and hang on the wall, a timeless piece that represents your family beautifully. If necessary, this photo is the one that we would do a headswap for in Photoshop when that one person happens to have their eyes closed…

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2. The Fun, Scenic Shot

A fun photo of the whole family interacting together within the beautiful scenery.

Usually taken from a bit further away, this photo captures your family enjoying each other’s company amidst the stunning landscape. It’s less about posing and more about capturing the natural joy and connection you share. The beautiful scenery adds an extra layer of charm, making this photo a perfect blend of family love and natural beauty.

Ricky + Stephanie made some memories at Belleisle Bay before they moved down south. Check out their blog post HERE!

3. Just Mom and Dad

A photo of just mom and dad.

This shot is incredibly important. It’s a reminder of the love story that started it all. Whether your children are young or grown and married, this photo is a cherished keepsake that they will appreciate deeply. It’s also a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship and the foundation of your family. Any good family photographer in New Brunswick will make sure to add this one to your gallery! And while we’re at it, we often add a variety of compositions so that there is for sure one that you absolutely love.

4. The Family Walk

The family walking and chatting with each other.

Once again, the focus is on the relationship of your family. Making it a bit more candid, however, brings out the authenticity of each family member. For families with little ones, we often position those little ones between the parents, sometimes swinging them by the hands for added fun. This photo captures the natural interactions and genuine moments that make your family unique. And even the most awkward teen can find purpose in being a part of these types of photos, making them often some of the favourite photos chosen by mom!

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5. Siblings Together

The children with each other.

Capturing siblings together each year creates a wonderful progression of their growth and changes over time. It’s fascinating to see how they grow and how family resemblances start to show over the years. If you’re a collector, like we are, this series of photos will become a cherished part of your family history.

Personalized Approach

For those “immediate family” sessions (up to two generations – parents and their own children), we also capture individual portraits of each child. In extended family sessions (those consist of at least three generations), we also make sure to get special shots of grandparents with their grandchildren. These photos are invaluable treasures that add depth and breadth to your family album.

Every family is unique, and we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to family photography. A good family photographer in New Brunswick would start with these foundational shots to ensure a successful session. We go even further by tailoring our approach to what makes your family unique and special. Before the session, we ask about your children’s interests and personalities, and we come prepared with strategies to engage even the shyest little ones, ensuring we capture those genuine smiles.


A family portrait session is more than just taking pictures; it’s about capturing memories and moments that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. With these five essential photos, along with personalized touches, we aim to create a gallery of images that truly represent the love and connection within your family. Whether it’s the classic portrait, the candid moments, or the special shots of just mom and dad, each photo is a piece of your family’s story, beautifully captured and preserved.

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